Travelling with Kids: Gadgets for a Happy Holiday

Travelling alone, or as part of a couple, can often be tiring, but once you add children into the mix, travelling becomes far more exhausting!

Travelling alone, or as part of a couple, can often be tiring, but once you add children into the mix, travelling becomes far more exhausting! Keeping a fidgety and curious child still and engaged on a plane is a huge challenge. Luckily, there are some ingenious gadgets that can make your life a lot easier!

Bed Box

If you have an overnight flight, or are travelling with very young children, this innovative box will help your child to relax in a cramped space. The Bed Box is a suitcase that can hold all of your child’s luggage and can be stored as hand luggage, so that once on-board the plane, you can unfold it to create a foot rest for your sleepy child.

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Snack and Play Travel Tray

This convenient tray is ideal for all types of travel, giving your child an area to draw, play or eat while sat in a car seat or on a plane. Storage pockets on the sides allow you to keep the area free from clutter and make it easy for your child to reach their favourite snack or toy.

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This super-cool kids’ suitcase has become a huge success worldwide. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, as this proves. The airport can be a really dull place for young ones, but the Trunki provides a bit of fun while encouraging children to take responsibility for their own suitcase! It is sure to help take the stress out of your airport experience.

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Buggy Fans

A hot baby is a grumpy baby, and that is the last thing you want when stuck on an aeroplane full of passengers or when dashing around a crowded airport. A buggy fan is a convenient device that clips onto the buggy providing your child with a gentle breeze. If you are travelling to a hot country, it might just be the best thing you buy! Take a look at these ones on offer:

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Snooze Shade

The snooze shade also attaches to the buggy to block out the fierce sun’s rays, so that your baby can stay cool and nap away from bright light. If you are travelling to a country that has a vastly different time zone to yours, this could help you and your baby adjust quickly.

The Snooze Shade can be purchased here:

Find it here: Snooze Shade

Swimming Aids

It doesn’t matter where in the world you go, if you are travelling with children, you will be spending time in the pool. Help build you child’s confidence in the water with a swim jacket that will keep them afloat and encourage them to move their arms and legs in order to travel across the pool.

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As parents, we want our children to experience the world with us. Hopefully some of these products will help to make your trip a little more enjoyable for all.

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