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I’m Britt – wife, mum, travel fanatic and founder of The Holiday Fixer – an independent award-winning luxury travel agency. 

I know first-hand that the juggle of motherhood is real and how it feels to have the desire to still do something for you.  That is why, when I faced redundancy I decided to leave my job in the corporate world and sought a new way of working that enabled me to be there for my daughter and combine my passion for travel. And then, ta-dah! In 2018 The Holiday Fixer was born and I have not looked back since.

I’m proof that it IS possible to have a career around your life commitments, and the best bit is, I’ve been able to make this possible for others too.  My team of wonderful homeworker agents is growing and I’m looking for more like-minded individuals to join our network.

So if you want to build yourself a flexible career doing something that you love, we want to hear from you.

Get in touch to find out how you can fix the perfect holidays to make peoples travel dreams come true.

Call me 0203 441 6848 or 07803 853 893

Got a passion for travel? A huge perk of being a Holiday Fixer is that you get to enjoy free trips to explore the hotels and destinations that you will be selling.

You can work from anywhere at any time – making it the perfect way to still have a career and do the school runs!

There are no hidden costs or huge investment required.  There are no sales targets set.  You build your business at your own pace and earn commission with every holiday that you book.

You are your own boss.  You decide when to work around your other work/life commitments.  You’re in control of both your time and your direction so you can specialise in the areas of travel that you love.

Benefit from business mentorship and support from an amazing network of like-minded Holiday Fixers. It may be your own home travel business, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be on your own.

Receive full training and support from us.  Our excellent onboarding programme enables you to understand the brand, identify your customers, use our systems and develop your product and supplier knowledge.

"Being a Holiday Fixer allows me to work around my young children, but also fulfills my biggest passion of all things travel and culture!  I'm my own boss, with an incredible support network of other Holiday Fixers around me. Building my own business and always getting to help others create their own travel dreams is the best tonic out there!"

Gemma - Holiday Fixer since 2020

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"I love being a Holiday Fixer... spending my time researching all the amazing places there are in this world, and being able to put together the perfect Holiday for someone is just the best feeling, and to be able to work from home around school runs and home life is game changing for me.. it’s the perfect job... I wished I had done this 10 years ago!!"

Joanna - Holiday Fixer since 2022

What Our Fixers Say about Us

"Being part of the Holiday Fixer team allows me to do a job I am passionate about without sacrificing time being a Mum to my three children"

Ashley – Holiday Fixer since 2019

"I enjoy working as a Holiday Fixer because it gives me the perfect balance between my family and work. I can work around my family rather than the other way around. I love being able to feel important, to learn every day something new about different destinations and earn money while watching my children growing up and be there for them every day"

Viktoria – Holiday Fixer since 2023

"Having been a client of Britt's for a few years, I had first -hand experience of her strong customer service, dedication and patience. So, when the opportunity arose to join Britt's team, it didn't take me long to sign-up!  Working as a Holiday Fixer gives me the flexibility to work around my children and another job, as well as do something that I really enjoy, not to mention working alongside a hardworking and supportive team!"

Priyanka– Holiday Fixer since 2021

"Working as a Holiday Fixer over the last few years has been amazing. I've built up a successful business by working flexibly. I've been able to work around my children working from home and have built my business in my own time, on my own terms"

Carrie -Holiday Fixer Since 2019

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