An Interview with Holiday Fixer, Charlotte Clark

Happy New Year!  We thought it a good idea to kick off 2024 with another of our Holiday Fixer interviews.  This is the third in our series, and here we meet Charlotte Clark and discover why she loves working in travel.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

My passion for travel started at a young age and I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been planning, booking or even thinking about the next trip!  From the age of two I remember travelling to far flung places like Hong Kong with my Dad on his work trips.  After graduating from university, I travelled the world and lived in New Zealand for a few years.  In short, the people, places, cultures that I have experienced in my life have dictated my career and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

What do you most enjoy about being a Holiday Fixer?

The chance to help people plan their adventures to a huge variety of destinations, from interrailing through Europe to cruising the Fjords of Norway.  The more unusual the better.  On a personal level, it gives me the flexibility to work around my children, and of course to talk about all things travel!

Fjord in Norway
Fjord in Norway

What in particular do you think drives you to be successful?

I want the people I book holidays for to have the best experience they can, seeing everything the country has to offer, staying in the right places and for them to come back and say “wow, that was amazing!”   That’s what drives me.

Do you and your family have a favourite place to go on holiday?

That’s like asking me to choose my favourite child!  We have lots of favourite places depending on the time of year.  We love going to St Ives in Cornwall for the stunning beauty and beaches, the Greek Islands for the weather, beauty and family friendly hotels.  For adventures, Thailand is a winner as we love the food, the people and the wildlife.  However, there are so many places to visit, we don’t often go to the same place twice.

What type of holidays do you find your customers tend to book – relaxing, active or a mix?  

Definitely a mix.  Having worked for a tailor-made tour operator for many years prior to becoming a Holiday Fixer, I tend to encourage my clients to be adventurous and to fully explore the country they want to travel to.  However, I also understand the importance of having the time to unwind and we have booked a beautiful hotel on the beach in Crete for our next summer holiday, which even has its own waterpark for the kids (and big kids!).

Weekend city breaks are always popular.  Is there any city you’d particularly recommend?

There are countless beautiful cities to visit in Europe, each with its own unique charm and interests.  My husband once booked us a surprise weekend to Barcelona and I loved it.  It is a city that boasts rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, delicious food and a beach!  For art enthusiasts, the Picasso Museum is a must, as is the Gaudi architecture of the Sagrada Familia.


Sagrada Familia Barcelona
Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Many of us have a travel “bucket list”.  Do you have one, or if you were to create one, which country would be top of your list and why?  

My bucket is overflowing!  At the moment, the top of my list is to take the kids to Vietnam.  It is a fascinating country with a lot of history, diverse landscapes and serene beaches.  A close second would be Indonesia for the temples, volcanic peaks and snorkelling.  I better start saving!


To get in touch with Charlotte you can either email [email protected] or telephone 01494 936554.  Click here to visit her website and find out more about the latest promotions and tours worldwide.









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