The Holiday Fixer’s Early Stage Growth Phase

Become a Holiday Fixer in 2024

Being the founder of The Holiday Fixer every now and again I get asked by journalists to share my advice on travel issues, or to write a couple of paragraphs for an article.  Before Christmas I was asked to do something a little different;  I was interviewed by St James’s Place, a well known wealth management company, about what I had learned in the company’s early stage growth phase and to share my tips for growing a business.  St James’s Place like to feature case studies, interviews and other helpful articles for  business owners to read on their website’s news page and if you’d like to read the full interview please click here.

As many of you know, The Holiday Fixer has grown a lot recently.  There were seven of us before the pandemic but now our team of “fixers”  has expanded considerably, numbering twenty-two by the end of last year!  Most of the Holiday Fixers are Mums but I am delighted to say that trend was broken when Kevin Thatcher, a retired ballet dancer and avid traveller, signed up.  Hopefully seeing him on our fixer list will encourage more men to join us.

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead and will be continuing to expand our network of home-based travel agents who are passionate about travelling and excited to share their knowledge with our growing customer base.   To find out more about The Holiday Fixer team and what it takes to become a fixer please click here.

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